Color & Aromatherapy: the properties of White and Myrtle

That colors are able to activate our vital center has been known for millennia: we can find its application in Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Egyptian medicine. Each color, in fact, has its own particular vibration, which is capable of influencing human nature. Today, color therapy shows that through their sensitive vibration, colors can profoundly change our energy and emotions.


wooden roof


Aromatherapy is a therapeutic method that brings well-being through the aromatic essences, which help healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. In fact, essential oils can be easily perceived by our olfactory system because they are volatile and odorous substances. Inhalating these essences can stimulate our brain to release chemicals that counteract stress and other internal conflicts. In addition to the healing qualities for the body, Aromatherapy also has the power to influence the psychological sphere because of the connection between our olfactory system, our emotional part and memory. All this happens because the odors coming from the essential oils directly affect the nerve centers of the brain excluding the involvement of rational thought: so they touch your spiritual aspects through the care of the psyche, to influence the unconscious. It also helps in meditation and visualization techniques.

The term “aromatherapy” was defined in 1920, but its origins are much older, when our ancestors discovered that certain aromatic plants, if burned, were able to alter the state of consciousness.


white room


The Myrtle Room


White is magic: it embodies all the colors of the light spectrum and is at the antipodes of Black, symbolizing purity, birth, the beginning. The White represents the future, the new, the light, and increases hope, trust, the noble sentiments and the desire for change.

9xiAP At the same time Myrtle, a very old plant whose name comes from the legend of Myrsine (a girl invincible in athletic games) is considered a symbol of victory, glory and heroism. The healing properties of myrtle are many: a remarkable antiseptic and balsamic, anti-inflammatory, a cure for the respiratory system. According to the folk medicine it also has healing properties in cystitis, genitourinary disorders and as a sedative nervous and stomachic: fruits have a carminative, astringent, aromatic and tonic action. With myrtle leaves are made infusions used externally to cleanse the skin and mucous membranes, as well as strengthening of the scalp.

Anyone who passes a night in our White Room “Myrtle”, then, is immersed in the purity of the white (furniture, equipment, walls) and the scent of myrtle, waking up with the strength and confidence to face the new day with optimism and hope.


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