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The stylish hut retreat in the only Unesco Reserve in Sardinia

Wellness treatments, in-room aromatherapy with essential oils, a sumptuous breakfast: take your holiday to Sardinia to the next level, in a love nest made of wood and stone.

The oasis you've been looking for, just 10 minutes from the coast


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L’Essenza Sensory Oasis

Find your Essence by going back to the origins

The natural and primitive luxury of the soul


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The smallest Aromatherapy Guesthouse in the world welcomes you in the heart of the Tepilora Natural Park, the only UNESCO Reserve in Sardinia

Secure your stay in one of the 4 stone and wood sensory huts.

You will have such an intense experience – the stone, the healing herbs, the stars – that it will seem like you’ve come back in time…

What's L’Essenza Sensory Oasis and why is it different from all other guesthouses?

L’Essenza Sensory Oasis is the only boutique hotel with a quatrefoil nuraghe architecture, created specifically to awaken your 5 senses with essential oils in eco-chic huts. 


Four circular rooms in stone and wood with conical roof, four paths with essential oils, chromotherapy and aromatherapy, wellness and massage treatments, herbal gardens, yoga and meditation sessions, residential workshops.

Since the architecture takes the form of an ancient four-lobed nuraghe, and the chamber is circular and conical, the energy inside the room moves more intensely than the square buildings.

Open all year since almost 8 years, it can welcome only 4 couples at a time and it’s been chosen by Temptation Island, NBB Tv (Netherlands), CBS Watch Magazine of New York, Io Donna, DOVE, Natural Style, and many more.

These four charming hut suites are located in a scenic corner of the Unesco Reserve of Tepilora Natural Park, with an abundance of walking trails and unspoilt landscape.

Just 10 minutes from the coast, this elegant retreat is located in an acre of Mediterranean garden.

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Be inspired by the stories of those who have experienced this on their skin:


I received the best gift a woman can receive

Feeling pampered from the first moment, from those who welcome you to this dream location. Feel yourself caressed by the wind that blows all along the valley, up to the top of the hill. Feeling overwhelmed by scents that remain forever in your mind. Feeling relaxed after a sunset massage. L’Essenza is all this. It’s an experience that all couples should do to reconnect, recharge and feel good.



“When we got there, the fact that with the car you climbed on top of something was a good feeling, the first night we practically fell asleep watching the stars outside in the sofa of dreams, for me there was a reconnection immediate with my roots, an explosion of wonder, joy and sensation of HOME! all combined with the scents of herbs! for him: total wonder, the milky way could be seen, it is an unconscious reconnection to the whole ❤ I believe that this Oasis is much more than what people simply see from the photos! there are things you don’t see that are priceless and you can’t even sell them, but they are worth more than all the gold in the world!”



The most beautiful and relaxing place I have ever seen, at the moment of leaving I recorded a song to take home a little piece of it. You can hear the sheep bells down in the valley, the wind blowing through the branches, and the cicadas on a nearby tree that have decided to participate in the recording, all this has created a truly magical moment, this song came to my mind and now I really think it’s good as it came that day…”



We spent the best stay in this beautiful location in Sardinia! We had a great time, the room was very clean and the bed was very comfortable. Aromatherapy in the Myrtle Room was wonderful to me as I suffer from asthma, and it greatly improved my respiratory conditions. Especially since the sensory hut is in the midst of nature, flowers and vegetation all around. Since it’s a little out of the way, there were plenty of stars all around to see at night. It’s a unique place! Perfect views and lots of lovely details, like the very comfortable armchairs around the huge garden, which is very nice to explore…”



L’Essenza is a magnificent place to recharge and find yourself, immersed in nature. Its rusticity combined with a delicate attention to detail makes it a unique and special place, which will remain indelible between my precious memories… A place literally immersed in the fascinating Sardinian nature, the maternal welcome of two joyful women, the indescribable energy of the place and the peace that I was looking for so much to detach from the stressful everyday life, are just some of the gifts offered by this enchanting place. Attention!! Can be addictive…”



The stay at L’Essenza cannot be described in words… A real oasis of peace, immersed in the nature of the marvelous island of Sardinia, where every sense is nourished… The body regenerates itself and the soul breathes and expands. You rediscover the essence of this enchanting island and, together with it, your deepest one. For the true lovers of Sardinia… Thanks Marina and Valeria, I will definitely come back…”



L’Essenza Sensory Oasis has won hands down as one of the best places I’ve ever seen, one of the most unique, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants something different than the usual average hotel! The location, the focus on responsible tourism, the cozy and colorful rooms, the hospitality, and of course the kittens. Everything was just perfect…”



We spent one night at L’Essenza and our stay was incredible: we would have loved to spend two weeks there! The welcome was incredible, the magical and relaxing place, and then the essences, the kindness, everything was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more. The rooms are of a rare luxury and everything, absolutely everything is handmade. We could enjoy a relaxing massage which was probably the best of our lives. L’Essenza is the proof that the world can work differently. No doubt we will be back soon…”



I loved exploring all the little nooks at L’Essenza Sensory Oasis, waking up here is beautiful, it’s like staying at Hagrid’s summer cottage!

Thanks for the great stay​…”



If you want to learn more about Sardinia and the local people, you should go inland. Although Sardinia has the most beautiful wild beaches of white sand, which I also enjoyed exploring by swimming in mid-September, without crowds of tourists, my curious gaze was attracted by the magical nature of this island of the Mediterranean. Somewhere between the east coast and Lake Torpè, where ancient megalithic buildings retain the memory of the ancient Nuragic civilization, the entire Sardinian landscape became evident in the expressive face of this sweet woman. There was no need for me to travel more. I wasn’t there by chance…”



Staying around nature and its noises was like being reborn elsewhere… all 5 senses framed us in that paradise… and as the beginning of life the sense of smell, our essential oil for excellence lavender!!! Relaxation and harmony together with pampering… for us it was all this… Staying in that nest is a gift that everyone deserves to enjoy…”


Where We Are

A masterful example of sustainable architecture, L’Essenza is a fresh and vibrant alternative to the modern luxury hotels North Sardinia is best known for.

Located in the hinterland, on a hill overlooking the Rio Posada valley and the Tepilora Natural Park, this tiny ecoresort is half an hour from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

What’s so special in the Tepilora Natural Park?

It’s been chosen as the only Unesco Reserve in Sardinia thanks to its great natural variety and biodiversity, 8000 hectares of forests, mountains, valleys, river, lake, sea

Here’s what you’ll meet, all without moving 20 km:

It’s time to take a break and treat yourself with something special

Find that truly timeless, authentic experience in a place where you can wander, relax and simply become one with yourself.