Who needs superpowers when you’ve got this?



There is a little known and very underrated superpower, a particular ability that comes from ancient times and forgotten ages.

During human history, this power has been less trained and increasingly diminished, downgraded, in order to make it an ignored element and make it fall into oblivion.

Except for rare cases, they’ve always kept it hidden from you, yet you have it too – if you just use it.


Because this super power allows you to:


  1. Explore better the world around you
  2. Know reality in an immediate and deep way
  3. “See into the future”, knowing in advance something that is about to happen
  4. Reactivate a memory with all its power
  5. Awaken a long-buried desire
  6. Rediscover serenity and well-being instantly
  7. Heal



Have you already figured out what I’m talking about?

Yes, the most ancestral power of man is smell.

The sense through which we know and relate to the outside world more than any other, even if we often forget it. Because “aromas” trigger memories, desires and real mechanisms that are able to influence every human being in a subliminal way.

This is the sense that communicates on a more instinctive level with our brain, excluding rational thinking in favor of emotions – which are certainly more undefined but more true, powerful and lasting information.


If you’re still wondering why I call it superpower, see here:


  • Humans can distinguish up to 10,000 odors;
  • We possess nothing less than 350 olfactory receptors;
  • We have as many as 1000 genes that allow us to recognize odors;
  • 3% of our genes are specifically dedicated to smell.


Smells have such a high emotional value for us that scientists think they are deeply connected to our survival. This sense, more than any other, separates what makes us feel good and what can represent a danger.

But what is it that “makes smell”?

They are small volatile particles, each of which has different molecular structures: there are no two substances in the world that have the same smell.

But in order to really feel an aroma and benefit from it, it is necessary that the odorous molecules are of a sufficient number.



Our body registers an odor even when we do not consciously perceive it.


As in aromatherapy, what happens at the deepest level through the sense of smell is something that completely escapes our rationality (perception), so we can have great benefits even if we “don’t know” that we feel a smell (sensation).


Here is the path of smells from the nose to the brain:


  1. Olfactory receptors
  2. Jacobson’s organ
  3. Olfactory bulb
  4. Piriform bark
  5. Hypothalamus
  6. Thalamus
  7. Limbic system


This complex mechanism is the basis of a superpower that in recent years has awakened great interest in scientific research. And it was discovered that:


To contact our olfactory system, a substance must be sufficiently volatile, so that the molecules can reach our nostrils. A non-volatile element, such as glass, has no smell whatsoever.


This is why essential oils, the volatile particles of medicinal plants, have such an impact on our body-mind system!


 Since 10 years ago, we have based an entire oasis on this superpower, creating the first aromatherapy boutique hotel in Sardinia: four sensorial rooms in stone and wood, circular huts with a cone-shaped roof like the ancient houses of the Sardinian shepherds.

After having studied the island’s herbal heritage for over thirty years and the transformation of Sardinian herbs into essential oils, Marina Denti has opened the doors of this extraordinary place of peace.

Each room is linked to a Sardinian essence:


⚪ White Room with Myrtle Essential Oil
💚 Green Room with Juniper Essential Oil
💜 Violet Room with Lavender Essential Oil
💛 Yellow Room with Helicrysum Essential Oil



In this small eco-chic guesthouse, there are only four sensory paths linked to the four pinnettos rooms, so there will never be more than four pairs at a time.

Here you enter an ancient, essential dimension, make an original sensory experience, enjoy total relaxation and wake up regenerated, with an inner strength that comes from a millenary land.

Since the architecture takes the form of an ancient quatrefoil nuraghe, and the room is circular and conical, the energy inside the room moves more intensely than inside square buildings.

And in addition, to each essence we have combined the color which, according to the chromotherapy, enhances the effect of that officinal plant.


For example, this is the Helicrysum Room, with invigorating and regenerating essential oil, extracted according to the tradition of the best herbalists of the island:



Helichrysum essential oil helps you recover your mental and emotional centrality, along with physical energy. It frees you from the burden of the heaviness of some situations, giving you joy and serenity by re-harmonizing body-mind-spirit. It also helps you see problems from the outside, bringing you back down to earth and giving you emotional warmth.

In the same way the yellow color stimulates the neuro-muscular tone (this is why it’s the color suitable for sportsmen, giving a greater reflex readiness). It helps the skin to regain brightness, improves digestion, activates the lymphatic system, reduces abdominal swelling. But above all its effect on the psyche is great: the yellow is a strong stimulant of joy and extroversion, concentration and conscious lucidity.



And this is the Lavender Room, with essential lavender oil in the burner on the bedside table and on the trunk of the headboard. This essential oil is the relaxant par excellence and is linked to the deepest emotional sphere, along with creativity. It helps to understand the sacredness of everyday life and has a calming effect even on those who have problems with insomnia and nervous tension.

At the same time, violet is the color of calm, peace and harmony. Getting in touch with these nuances slows the cardiac activity and promotes relaxation, inspiration and imagination. This is the color of meditation.



Sometimes, what you want comes to you.


Reconnect with your hidden superpower.


The spontaneous nature will help you to get rid of what weighs on your heart, while the essential oils in the sensory hut will also work during your sleep on your unconscious memories.

We are in the Natural Park of Tepilora, the only Unesco Reserve in Sardinia.

Choose only your dates, we’ll take care of the rest:



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