Discover the only Unesco Reserve in Sardinia


The Tepilora Natural Park includes the municipalities of Posada, Torpè, Lodè and Bitti, for a total of about 8000 hectares of forests, paths and springs in the historical subregion of Baronia.


But what is special about this Park, established a few years ago?

In Italy there are over 130 regional parks, covering an area of around 1 million and 300 thousand hectares. But unlike the historic parks and the classic natural areas of our country, which have been recognized for a very long time, it is difficult for a natural area to succeed today in becoming part of this special list.

This small Sardinian paradise, on the other hand, recently discovered and completely uncontaminated, has managed to do even more.

In a historical moment where attention to the environment is high and the requirements to become a park have gradually become more restrictive, this territory has been awarded as the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Sardinia!

If this seems a little to you, know that in this incredible miniature continent you can find:


  • The most beautiful sea in Italy according to Legambiente and Touring Club
  • The Rio Posada, a river recognized by the International Convention of Ramsar
  • Montalbo, a European biogenetic reserve that reaches 1127 meters above sea level
  • Lake Torpè
  • The naturalistic oasis of Usinavà
  • The millennial nuraghe that inspired our architectural plan
  • Forests, woods, springs
  • An incredible variety of flora and fauna, including junipers, holm oaks, strawberry trees, cork trees – and turtles, hares, wild boars, foxes, fallow deer, mouflons, hawks, eagles …

Here are the most beautiful places to see in the 4 municipalities of the Tepilora Park:


In Bitti

  1. Romanzesu, one of the most important Nuragic archaeological sites
  2. Multimedia Museum of the Canto a Tenore
  3. Museum of Peasant and Pastoral Civilization
  4. Oasis of Littos, Crastazza, woods, hiking trails, waterfalls
  5. Country churches
  6. Nineteenth-century church of San Giorgio Martire
  7. Sanctuary of the Madonna del Miracolo
  8. Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Annunciation
  9. Historic centre

In Lodè

  1. The Montalbo mountain range
  2. The archaeological sites: domus de janas, menhir, dolmens, tombs of the giants, nuraghi
  3. The Forest Complex of Sant’Anna
  4. The Environmental Education Center
  5. Permanent exhibitions on biodiversity and archeology
  6. Historic centre
  7. Medieval churches

In Posada

  1. The best beach in Italy according to Legambiente and Touring Club
  2. The Rio Posada, in the International Convention of Ramsar for wetlands of world interest
  3. The Orvile pinewood
  4. The historic center of the third most beautiful ancient village in Italy
  5. Castello della Fava, judicial stronghold
  6. The Aragonese tower of San Giovanni
  7. The medieval Church of Sant’Antonio Abate

In Torpè

  1. The Usinavà Nature Oasis
  2. The forest of Sa Dea
  3. Monte Nurres
  4. Lake Macheronis
  5. The Nuraghe San Pietro
  6. The historic center
  7. The permanent exhibition on the traditions of the past (Municipio)


In the Tepilora Park there is L’Essenza Sensory Oasis, the only natural oasis that awakens your senses with essential oils in eco-chic huts.

Each room is circular with a cone-shaped roof, like the ancient huts of central Sardinia, and follows a dedicated sensory journey.

Since the architecture takes the form of an ancient four-lobed nuraghe, and the room is circular and conical, the energy inside the room moves more intensely than in square buildings.


Like millennia ago…


Here you enter an ancient, essential dimension, make a unique sensory experience, enjoy total relaxation and wake up regenerated, with an inner strength that comes from a millenary land.

The spontaneous nature will help you to get rid of what weighs on your heart, while the essential oils in the sensory hut will also work in your sleep on your unconscious memories.

In this small eco-chic guesthouse, there are only four sensory paths linked to the four pinnettos rooms, so there will never be more than four pairs at a time:

  • White Room with Myrtle essential oil
  • Green Room with Juniper essential oil
  • Purple Room with Lavender essential oil
  • Yellow Room with essential oil of Helichrysum

This, for example, is the Juniper Room, with rebalancing and invigorating essential oil, extracted according to the tradition of the oldest family of herbalists on the island:



If you prefer million stars instead of five, come and find yourself.

80 thousand hectares of uncontaminated nature, breathtaking sunsets, scents that reconnect you with the whole universe.

All this is waiting for you.


Choose your dates, we’ll take care of the rest:



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